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Rescue Bling Is The New Thing!

The WagAware Charm is the only charm that saves dogs' lives. When you or your dog wears a WagAware Charm, you encourage the rescue and adoption of dogs in need of loving, forever homes. Our new CatAware Charm supports homeless cats and our new, limited edition PigAware Charm supports pig rescue.
Plus, WagAware donates an unprecedented 50% of its profits to shelters, rescue groups and animal welfare charities. To date, WagAware has donated over $165,000 (and counting) to dog and cat rescue charities.   

All February, WagAware will donate 60% of ALL PigAware Charm sales to Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. Plus, from Feb. 8-21, WagAware will donate 60% of ALL WagAware (dog) Charm and CatAware Charm sales to SAINTS Rescue (Senior Animals in Need Today Rescue).       


   February 2, 2015

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